Postdoctoral fellowship at Ghent University

The ERC-funded research project “Property and Democratic Citizenship” led by Marianne Maeckelbergh is seeking to fill a full-time, three-year, fully-funded Postdoctoral fellowship based at the Department of Conflict and Development Studies at Ghent University in Belgium.

The research project is an ethnographic exploration of property relations within contemporary democratic contexts through an analysis of citizen (and non-citizen) experiences of eviction/housing precarity in Greece, Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the US. Specifically, the project looks at how conflicts around specific properties bring together moral discourses, policy regulations and market mechanisms to create, transform and reinforce specific aspects of real landed property (used for housing) and what the consequences are of these “property regimes” on people’s lived experiences of democracy.

This is an ethnographic project based on participant-observation methods. This specific position is for a Postdoc interested in doing extensive multi-sited fieldwork (15-20 months across five countries: Greece, Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the US) on the infrastructure of property: banks, real estate agents, financial institutions, landlords, political actors, etc, in collaboration with a team of six other engaged researchers.

Languge skills required are fluency in Greek and English plus either Spanish or Dutch. A proven track record of commitment to this topic is a plus (e.g. volunteer work for groups tackling issues of housing).

Please follow this link for a full description of the person specifications
(and to apply):

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