From December 2008 to the Commons of our time

Tomorrow evening at 19:30, Alexandros Kioupkiolis will be a guest of the Refugee Center of Chania for a debate (spurred by the publication of his book ‘Politics of Freedom: Agonistic democracy, meta-anarchist utopias and the emergence of the multitude‘) on the significance of December 2008 and the commons of our time.

For more information (in Greek) about the event:

The Community Network Manual: How to Build the Internet Yourself

The Community Network Manual: How to Build the Internet Yourself, which has just been published online, includes two chapters co-authored by Heteropolitics partner Panayotis Antoniadis (of NetHood), which should be of interest to readers of this blog: In ‘Complementary Networks Meet Complementary Currencies: Meets‘, Antoniadis et al. look at and Sardex,  while in ‘What Could Blockchain do for Community Networks‘, Antoniadis et al. explore the role that blockchain technology could play for community networks.

George Dafermos joins the Heteropolitics research team

Our new postdoc researcher is Dr. George Dafermos, who will be looking at the potentialities opened up by the digital commons for social and political transformation.

For those who don’t know him, George has been involved in the digital commons for nearly 20 years:  he is a research associate of the P2P Foundation, a member of the Commons | Lab co-op (a small open source technology co-op in Heraklion-Crete, Greece) and a member of the organization team of the Festival of the Commons (aka CommonsFest) in Heraklion-Crete. In the recent past, he was also the coordinator of the research of the FLOK Society Project in Ecuador in the areas of biodiversity, open-sustainable agriculture, open design commons, distributed manufacturing and distributed energy.

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Crianza y Comunes/Childcare Commons: Audios & Report

[ENG] In this post you’ll find documentation (in Castellano/Catalan) and a report (in English) from the colloquium ‘Crianza y Comunes: Hace falta un Poble-Sec para criar?’ (see programme here) which took place on 5-7th october 2018 in Poble Sec neighbourhood in Barcelona.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[CAST] En este post encontrais documentación (en cast/cat) y un report (en inlgés) del encuentro ‘Crianza y Comunes: Hace falta un Poble-Sec para criar?‘ (aqui el programa) que tuvo lugar el 5-7 octubre 2018 en Barcelona, Poble Sec.

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