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The following six reports are the main research outputs of the project, publishing research work which started formally in 2017, and essentially much earlier, ending in December 2020.

The first two reports, authored by the PI Alexandros Kioupkiolis, and  the third report on digital commons authored by Dr. G. Dafermos, engage critically with the theories and practices of the commons and alternative democratic politics -‘alter-politics’ or ‘heteropolitics’- from the perspective of egalitarian, democratic and ecological transformation.

Reports 4-6 set out the main case studies that the Heteropolitics research team -Dr. A. Vesco, Dr. A. Voulvouli and Dr. M. Zechner- conducted in Italy, Greece and Spain, addressing the research questions and theoretical framing of the Heteropolitics project by carrying out engaged ethnography in specific sites in the three countries.

Report 1. The Political

Report 2. The Common

Report 3. Digital Commons

Report 4. Case Studies in Italy

Report 5. Case Studies in Greece

Report 6. Case Studies in Spain



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