Heteropolitics panel @ EASA 2018

Aimilia Voulvouli and Alexandros Kioupkiolis from the Heteropolitics team, along with Maribel Casas-Cortes, will host this panel on alternative politics, ethnographies and the commons, fleshing out ideas we have been discussing and developing both theoretically and in field research on how ethnographies of social mobilizations, grassroots initiatives and new civic practices can help us to re-imagine and remake radical democratic politics in our times.

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First international Heteropolitics workshop in Torino on the commons and alternative politics in Italy, 10-12 July 2018

In 10-12 July 2018, the first scheduled workshop of Heteropolitics took place at the University of Torino, consisting of the main research team of the project (A. Vesco, M. Zechner, A.Voulvouli, A. Kioupkiolis) and six participants, who are researchers, academics and activists.

The workshop discussed mainly contemporary social movements and civic politics in Italy, as well as the relationship between law, politics and the promotion of the commons in the Italian context.

Heteropolitics Seminar program Turin July 2018