The Handbook of Peer Production

The Handbook of Peer Production, edited by Mathieu O’Neil, Christian Pentzold and Sophie Toupin, has just been published by Wiley-Blackwell. Consisting of thirty chapters contributed by an eclectic mix of scholars and thinkers (including Heteropolitics researcher George Dafermos and Heteropolitics partners Vasilis Kostakis and Panayotis Antoniadis), the “Handbook of Peer Production is an indispensable resource for students, instructors, researchers, and professionals working in fields such as communication studies, science and technology studies, sociology, and management studies, as well as those interested in the network information economy, the public domain, and new forms of organisation and networking”.

For those who wish to delve a bit more deeply into the Handbook’s contents, a teaser-chapter is available for download on the website of the Journal of Peer Production: Chapter 7: Prophets and Advocates of Peer Production by Heteropolitics researcher George Dafermos.

The Community Network Manual: How to Build the Internet Yourself

The Community Network Manual: How to Build the Internet Yourself, which has just been published online, includes two chapters co-authored by Heteropolitics partner Panayotis Antoniadis (of NetHood), which should be of interest to readers of this blog: In ‘Complementary Networks Meet Complementary Currencies: Meets‘, Antoniadis et al. look at and Sardex,  while in ‘What Could Blockchain do for Community Networks‘, Antoniadis et al. explore the role that blockchain technology could play for community networks.